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Good morning, America!

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Good morning, America!

Beitragvon C_K_unlimited » Mo 23. Aug 2010, 13:29

Words: ~ 330
'Verse: general (movies)
A/N: Just a moment in Superman's life I came up with when I worked early. I'm not entirely happy with it, but I wanted to share it nevertheless to hear what's missing. (Not beta-ed)

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don't own anything about Superman and the related characters.

High above the city of Metropolis Kal-el hovered above the clouds waiting for the sun to come up. He could already see the horizon lightening up turning from dark blue to one with a slightly pink touch and going from there to red and orange. Then the first rays of sun caressed the Kryptonian tickling him on his ears and warming him everywhere.

He felt his sleepiness slowly crawling to the back of his mind and new energy circulating through his veins. Much similar to the feeling he had as a kid when he drank the delicious hot chocolate his mother used to make on the farm.

From below hidden by the clouds he heard the familiar sounds of the awakening city. Coffee machines were brewing, showers whooshing, cups and other dishes rattling and every minute more cars hummed through the streets.

Between all those noises he could hear different bits and pieces from radio or television news informing people that during the night Superman had been busy again saving a family from bush fires in Australia, helping with the aftermath of an earthquake in Italy and keeping a plane from crashing into the Atlantic Ocean.

When the sound of Lois Lane's alarm bell met his ears he changed his position to look through the lightening clouds. Deep down the sounds multiplied, the movements became more and the rhythm of the city took up speed like his blood that was fueled by the clear morning sun. Watching some kids going to school he relished the quiet moment that reminded him so much of his home in Kansas.

Drinking in the now stronger rays of sun his skin turned warm again and he felt ready to start the day. So he waited for the moment when Lois would leave her home. Then he would dive down, change into his bumbling alter ego and stride into the bullpen in Lois' wake like he did almost every morning, the eager reporter helping his not so secret crush to uncover the next story no one else had seen.


Thanks for reading and telling me what you think!

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