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Fly with me

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Fly with me

Beitragvon Demi » Mo 9. Apr 2012, 15:12

This was written for a Ficathon, I hope you'll enjoy.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I just borrowed some ideas and settings invented and owned by others such as DC. Lois and Clark was invented by Deborah Joy Levine.


Fly with me

Lois Lane stood at her window and stared into the darkness. Diana Stride’s TV magazine had alleged that Clark Kent was Superman … that had to be impossible. It had to be. But why did Clark have Superman’s suits in his closet?

Since the allegations had hit the television screen, Clark had said nothing – not publicly, nor to her. He hadn’t confirmed or denied Diana Stride’s story. All he’d done was ask Perry to organize a press conference for him so he could tell the real story.

She was his best friend – if there was a secret to tell, surely he would have told her.

Lois pulled away from her window and checked the time. She needed to get back to the Planet. It was almost time for Clark’s press conference.

When Lois arrived, many members of the press were already gathered in front of the Planet. From what she heard some were refusing to believe the story; others – mostly reporters from newspapers like the Inquisitor – wondered why they hadn’t thought of such a story themselves.

Clark stepped behind the microphones the murmurs ebbed away.

He began to speak but before he’d finished his introduction the crowd gasped as Superman appeared above them and interrupted him.

Lois watched the hero, but noticed something strange - the image of him was blurring. At first she thought she had something in her eyes and rubbed them, but still the blurring remained.

She also noticed that Superman stayed airborne during the whole conference and the tell-tale sonic boom didn’t sound.

Superman never stayed in the air, he told her once that he didn’t want to appear superior. This whole appearance made no sense.


Lois went into the Planet office to write up her story. Clark came in, but he went to his desk and said nothing to her. As she wrote, she couldn’t get the image of the hovering Superman out of her mind. There was something about it – something that didn’t quite add up.

Then Clark stood up and went to the coffee machine. Lois followed him with her eyes. The image etched in her mind merged with the sight of Clark making coffee.

Suddenly she knew; knew why he constantly left her. Knew why they never seemed to be able to finish an important conversation. Knew why Clark never seemed to be around when danger arose. Knew why Superman didn’t appear to save Clark from Johnny Corbin.

Knew that the person or whatever had not been Superman because Superman had been *standing* in front of the press … in the guise of Clark Kent.

Her immediate reaction was anger. And betrayal. She had worked with him for over a year now and they had reached a point in their friendship where he had asked her for a date, heck if they hadn’t been investigating Shelton Bender they would have been on a date.

Yet despite that, Clark hadn’t wanted to trust her with his secret.

What should she do with this newfound knowledge? Part of her demanded she write the story but she knew her motivation was only to salve her hurt feelings and pride. She couldn’t write the story regardless of the fact that it would mean a certain Pulitzer. Their friendship weighed heavier than the hurt. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t get revenge for his betrayal and that she wouldn’t finally vent her anger.

Lois wanted to make him squirm - perhaps even force him to tell her his secret. She wanted to enjoy seeing him suffer for his lies. She wanted to enjoy being the one with the secret.

When Clark got back to his desk, his phone rang and then he disappeared. At first she thought Superman was needed but then Clark returned with the exclusive about the arrest of Diana Stride -having been charged with murder as a puppet for Intergang.

Before Clark had returned, a plan was formed in her head.

When the stories were done, both of them sat down to resume the game of chess they had started days ago. While playing Clark began to speak “Lois I’m sorry. I should have told you about the suits but I didn’t think about it.”

“Until tonight it never occurred to me that Superman needed his suits cleaned.”Lois told him. ”It is very nice of you to wash them for him.” She moved a chess piece. “It is a good thing Superman never lies … think about the rumors that could start if someone thought about another explanation why the two of you share a closet.”

She glanced up from the chess board to see if her reference to Superman lying had hit its mark. Clark’s expression was carefully blank.

Then Lois began the first part of her plan.

“Clark, I did a little thinking, “she began. ”You really didn’t look well today and I think there will still be some reporters at your place for a few days who hope to find out something about Superman. I thought we could visit your parents.”

She saw his surprised delight. “Lois, I think that would be wonderful. I would love you to come with me and I know my parents will be happy to see you again.”

‘Good’ thought Lois ‘now let’s watch you squirm, flyboy’. It was time for a little Lane babbling. “I already looked and found a flight from Metropolis to Wichita. It leaves tomorrow afternoon from Metropolis General Airport. I already booked and paid for the flight because otherwise the price would be higher. It is a nice little Tupolev. Isn’t the annual corn festival in Smallville this weekend? You know I always wondered why air pockets seem much worse in small planes than in bigger ones but there were none when I flew with Superman. I can’t believe these tickets only cost ten bucks each. How do they hold up these prices? I can only hope they don’t forget the maintenance because Tupolevs are third in the crash-statistics and last month there was a crash with one of these - its engines just stopped working.” Clark’s face had gone an unhealthy white Lois noticed with silent satisfaction. “But I’m sure nothing will happen. You have probably flown in this plane several times when you visit your parents. You must be a regular air traveler so you’d know that flying is the safest way to travel, statistically speaking.”


Clark nodded silently not sure how to respond. He’d love to be with Lois but did they have to fly in a metal can?

Lois’s suggestion that they fly to Smallville excited Clark. She actually wanted to spend time with him, not as a ruse for a story or during a stakeout but just to be with him. Clark thought he would burst with joy. But then another thought popped up into his mind… flying … in a plane- being confined in a metal coffin for about three hours or more with no means of escape. How could he do that? What if someone needed Superman while he and Lois were trapped in this thing? There wouldn’t be a Superman because he couldn’t get out for the whole flight. But Lois seemed so excited about her plans and since she had already booked for this weekend … there was no way out except telling her he was Superman …

There was nothing he could do to avoid it. He could only hope that no one needed him during the flight. And hope that he’d find a way to tolerate three hours of being confined in a can?


By Friday afternoon Clark was very uneasy about the flight. He couldn’t actually be hurt, of course, but the thought of being trapped sat very uncomfortably. And if something went wrong, it wasn’t his life on the line, but his secret.

Lois and Clark met at the airport for their flight. Since telling Clark about the flights Lois had constantly plied him with comments about several plane-crashes. This had only added to Clark’s unease. When she didn’t speak about air crashes she told him how happy she was to spend the weekend with him and his parents.

Now they were actually at the airport, Clark was battling the urge to flee.

“Clark!” Lois began. “If I didn’t know better I’d think something is bothering you. Are you sure you want to spend the weekend with me, because you look as if you’d forgotten to switch off your stove!”

“Huh?” He answered absentmindedly. “Lois, believe me I am more than happy to spend the weekend with you.”

“Then tell me what bothers you. I would say you were afraid of flying if I didn’t know you are a frequent flyer. Do you prefer a certain airline?”

“No” he replied. “I can’t say which airline I prefer. I’ve … ah … never thought about it.”

Clark couldn’t tell her that he was afraid of flying because then Lois would wonder how he made his travels around the world and more importantly how he got to his parents so regularly. She seemed very excited about their weekend-trip to Smallville. Clark tried to distract himself by looking out of the big windows - only to see several planes standing and moving on the tarmac. They seemed so small and fragile and yet they were so heavy. His brain knew that these objects could fly but that didn’t stop his heart from sinking every time he thought about sitting in one of them.

He looked at the planes that stood directly in front of these windows. He x-rayed the engines. They looked OK. No signs of wear or erosion, no broken wires.

He pulled himself from his thoughts when he became aware of Lois’s raised voice. It seemed a problem had arisen and Clark couldn’t help but feel relieved: no one seemed to have heard of their flight number.

“I can’t believe your incompetence!” Lois said to the woman at the service point angrily. “How can you lose a whole plane in your computer? Here – I booked the flight this week!” She pulled out a computer-printed piece of paper. “So check your damn system and find our flight – we don’t want to spend the whole weekend in this airport!”

Clark noticed some people already turning around to see who was causing the noise. “Lois please-” he said. “Perhaps there was a mistake with the flight number or the company who sold the tickets to you was a fake. Come with; me we’ll call my parents, I’m sure they won’t mind if we came another weekend.”

She turned to face him. “Clark, I know where I bought these tickets; they just have to search their system and they’ll find it. They have to use their eyes and BRAINS!”

By now it seemed every person in the airport was looking at them. “Lois, would you please calm down? Everyone is looking at us!” Clark grabbed her gently by her arm and pulled her away from the service point. To the lady behind the counter he said, “Sorry, she’s been under a lot of stress lately.”

When they reached a private corner in the airport Clark faced Lois “Hey, we can visit my parents another weekend. I’ll call to tell them that we won’t be able to make it, that our flight was cancelled.”

“Why do you want to cancel our visit with your parents?” Lois demanded. “Have you changed your mind?” Lois put on a hurt and disappointed face. “If you didn’t want to spend the weekend with me you just had to say so.”

“No, Lois please I told you I was looking forward to our weekend.” Clark replied, trying to calm her. “I’ll call my parents and we’ll find … another flight, next week.”

Lois was surprised that Clark suggested they book another flight but didn’t let it show. Instead she decided he wouldn’t get off the hook that easily.

“Isn’t there another way to get to Smallville?” Lois asked innocently.

“We could drive but that takes about 23 hours. We could take turns with driving.”

“Are you serious? I don’t want to waste my whole weekend trapped in a car!”

“What about I ask the lady at the service point for other tickets? I could look for another plane. If we take one of these new machines we can catch up on the time we lose while waiting. These planes are much bigger and more comfortable - they serve coffee during the flight. What do you think?”

“I doubt this ‘lady’ could find her own feet let alone another plane from Metropolis to Wichita. Did you hear about the guy who wanted to visit his girlfriend and landed in Sidney, Montana instead of Sydney, Australia, last year? I would bet he booked his flight with her. I also don’t want to spend any extra money on these stupid flights.”

“It is only twenty bucks, Lois – really, I would be happy to pay. I can also pay back your twenty dollars if you want me to.”

“There has to be another way to get to Smallville. I don’t want to let these people get away with their incompetence. We won’t pay for two other tickets. It would only encourage them to continue with their sloppy work practices.”

Clark took a deep breath and suppressed the urge to roll his eyes. “Lois, Smallville is in Kansas, smack dab in the middle of America. We can’t sail, or dig a tunnel and beaming has not been invented yet. We either fly or go by road. They are our only options.”

Lois faked a resigned sigh. “OK – I want to fly.”

“Good! Let’s go and get new tickets.”

“I don’t want to fly in a plane!”

Clark, who had already started to walk towards the service point, stopped dead in his tracks to turn around with a bewildered look on his face. “Then what do you suggest, Lois?” he asked a little impatiently.

“I want Superman to take us – both of us.” She answered.

Clark began to become worried. ”He can’t do that!”

“Sure he can - he has flown with me on a regular basis. He can fly and he can carry us both … so I can see no reason why he shouldn’t be able to do us this favor.”

“Lois, I am sure Superman has more important things to do than fly us to Smallville.”

“I am sure he hasn’t got anything more important than our trip to Smallville, after all we are his best friends.”

“Be rational!” Clark told her, worry creeping in his voice, not believing that Lois seriously was expecting what she seemed to expect. “Superman isn’t there to cater to whims!”

“He’s never minded in the past,” she replied petulantly. “In fact as far as I can remember he always seemed to enjoy catering to my whims. So, call him.”

Clark looked at Lois as if she had lost her mind. “I am *not* calling Superman.”

Suddenly Lois face split into a wide grin. “I know what your problem is Clark – you are embarrassed that another man can simply pick you up and carry you away – you don’t want me to see that. Your male ego would be hurt.”

He decided to ignore her last comment. “Do you want me to get the new tickets or not?”

Lois seemed to consider for several moments then answered “No – I want you to fly me to Smallville.”

Clark let out an awkward laugh. “Lois – I’m not sure now is the time for jokes.”

“*I* am certain this isn’t the time for lies, Clark!”

Clark didn’t know how to respond as thousands of thoughts ran through his head. “You know?” he asked simply, his throat bobbing.

“Yes, I know.”

“How? When?”

“The hologram.”

“Oh - I should have known that I couldn’t fool an award winning journalist.” He tried to joke in an attempt to calm her.

“Don’t try to get out of this with flattery. Discovering that a friend hides something hurts, regardless of what it is. But discovering that your best friend, the man you go on a date with, is also moonlighting in a spandex suit complete with a cape, I don’t think there is a word which expresses how much that hurts. I think we really have some serious talking to do buster but as I said I really want to go to Smallville with you. Discovering it was you who suffered from the kryptonite poisoning made me realize that I don’t want to lose you. I decided to put my hurt feelings and the anger back for this weekend to get acquainted with the real Clark Kent. So - can’t you fly us? I thought you recovered fully after Diana Stride infected you with kryptonite?”

“I’m not 100 percent at the moment but I can fly and take you too. You still want to visit Smallville with me?” Clark asked, his voice filled with uncertainty and shock.

“Yes of course. There was no flight to Smallville!” She grinned. “Come on let’s go flyboy I’m sure your parents are already waiting. See I can understand you but I am still mad and I am still going to vent my anger later. But I also want to tell you that I am glad you survived Diana’s Kryptonite attack and the ‘Top Copy’ report made me see part of the reason why you didn’t even tell me. I don’t think I could have thought straight if I had known it was you lying in the hospital.“ She looked around “I guess we need to find somewhere private to do the switch thing.”


They left the airport – Lois thought she heard a relieved sigh from the service point – and went into an alley. Clark changed into Superman which earned him an amazed gasp from Lois. He smiled gently at her then took their bags. “I’ll take these to my parents and then I come back to get you, ok?”

She nodded. “Don’t be away too long.”

“I won’t,” he replied and gave her a quick peck on her cheek before looking in her face. When he had kissed her he wasn’t sure how she’d react. Would she accept it? She certainly hoped so – but he didn’t expect her to. She smiled a bit and touched his cheek with her fingertips before he grabbed their belongings and disappeared literally into thin air.

After about three minutes he came back. “Are you ready?” he asked before he picked her up.

“You know I’m going to be really mad at you but for now I am just happy to see you well.” She snuggled deep into his arms and leaned her head against his chest. This position made it possible for her to inhale his scent.

Yes, she was deeply disappointed about his lies but she also knew he would be forgiven. She knew how close she had come to loosing him twice … if Diana Stride had succeeded with exposing Superman’s secret identity ‘only’ Clark Kent would be ‘dead’. But if the kryptonite had finished its … both would be … No she didn’t want to think about it.

A new plan formed in her head. They would make up for their missed date, perhaps they could go on a date in Smallville. She would show him how much he meant to her. She looked at his face - his lips looked so inviting. They seemed so soft her hand began to cup his cheek. She wanted to kiss him, to touch his lips with hers.

Superman lifted up into the air. When they were high enough that no one could see them Lois lifted her head and began to kiss his neck and moved her lips upwards until she reached his.

She felt his start of surprise. She felt him slightly adjust her position to grant him greater access to her mouth. She felt his mouth respond to hers with a fervor that sent shoots of warmth through her.

She was flying with Superman.

And kissing Clark.

She should thank Diana Stride … without her Superman disclosure they wouldn’t be doing this now.

Lois grinned. Life was good.



Three things I want in my fic:

1. A joke (verbal or practical)

2. A revelation (not necessarily THE revelation, but could be)

3. Smoochies (could be any couple, not necessarily L & C, but could be)

Any season

Three things I do not want in my fic:

1. Lois post-revelation ranting.

2. Complicated A-plot.

3. L & C as an 'old married couple'
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Wer anderen eine Grube grubt, sich selber in die Hosen pupt!
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