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[FDK] ...and the gates of heaven were opened...

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[FDK] ...and the gates of heaven were opened...

Beitragvon KitKaos » Mi 1. Jun 2011, 17:55

You know how much I love this story, the potent and imho perfectly well-rounded story you made of it - if me writing a couple "why?"s into your first version is what it takes to produce such a gem, then I'm glad I could help. :D :hug:

Love how much the two are in-character, love the rain and pouring analogy, love the homage to the old Reeve movies, and just about everything else there is to it. :)
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Re: [FDK] ...and the gates of heaven were opened...

Beitragvon Tahu » So 11. Sep 2011, 08:31

great story, I don't know the movie Superman II, so I don't know what happend in the fortress, but it doesn't matter. Your style is fluent and it's fun to read. The revelation is nice without anger and fighting. I like your Lois and I love the story. Thank you.

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Re: [FDK] ...and the gates of heaven were opened...

Beitragvon C_K_unlimited » Mo 12. Sep 2011, 21:54

Thanks to the two of you for your comments.

@Kaos: You really make me blush there. It was fun to write Reeve!Clark for a change and I'm very grateful for your help in writing all of this.

I don't know the movie Superman II, so I don't know what happend in the fortress
That screams post-a-thon, doesn't it? ;)
Glad you liked reading and could follow without knowing the movie. :)

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